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Strategic Marketing Services – Paykel

Strategic marketing services, tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements, delivered by experts in their field and industry; that’s what we deliver at Paykel. We’re about creating campaigns that work. Our processes are collaborative. We have a staged process for our workflow, which provides you with a pathway to success.

Our strategic marketing services include communication and media planning, media bookings, media negotiations, native advertising, personalised creative and social media and search engine strategy. Our friendly team of professional marketing experts work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your products, customers and objectives. We assimilate this knowledge with our internal expertise to prepare appropriate, strategic marketing services, designed to connect your business with your customers at the right time, in the right place, with the right message. We will negotiate with relevant partners and stakeholders on your behalf, to deliver superior results.

Paykel’s strategic marketing services are designed to enhance your marketing activities, delivering a maximum return on investment. Our team are experienced professionals. Our customers are a part of the Paykel family. We collaborate with you to deliver strategic marketing services that work.


Communication Planning

To reach and communicate well with people is both an art and a science. To successfully connect with your target market in the most engaging, productive and cost effective fashion, communication strategies need to be carefully planned. Failure to do so could result in a scatter-gun approach to your sales and marketing activities which is not only costly, but could diminish your reach and market penetration. That’s where Paykel comes in.

Our communication planning services are provided by experienced marketers. Our work starts with you. Through collaboration, we gain an understanding of your product, market and objectives. We then identify the best communication channels to connect your business with your audience, at the right time, in the right space, with the right message. This helps to form the framework for a campaign, delivering the best possible return on investment.

Media Negotiations

We’re the experts in media negotiations that will help maximise your message within your advertising budget. Paykel has contacts in all the right places to ensure the very best rates are secured and exposure maximised, across a variety of media channels. Whether you want to run a national multi-media campaign, book some print advertisements, dabble in television and radio or even schedule an online campaign, we are the ‘go to’ media negotiation specialists.\\

Why use us? We’re one of Australia’s largest, independently owned media buying agencies. We have made more than $500 million of advertising bookings for our customers since the business commenced in 1999. We have solid relationships with Australia’s largest media organisations and advertising networks. Paykel has the people, the contacts and the expertise, to make sure our clients get the solution which is the most cost, and outcome, effective.

Media Planning

Today we are all constantly dipping in and out of numerous media channels. Never before has there been so much choice for consumers and publishers) to access and provide information. That’s why effective media planning is essential in developing cost effective, advertising campaigns.

Paykel is a full-service media agency. Based in Sydney, with offices in Melbourne and Cairns, our professional team stay abreast of the latest regional and national media trends. Our family of clients are engaging with their customers across all channels of communication, including but not limited to print, radio, television, outdoor, cinema and digital. We’re experts at connecting our clients with their customers, in a targeted, engaging and cost effective fashion. The cornerstone of maximising advertising spend starts with successful media planning.

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Native Advertising

Native content takes your brand out of the advertising pages and into the editorial sections. Why is this important? It connects you with your audience in the most meaningful way. It aligns authenticity and trust with your product and/or business. It takes your brand from being just another advertisement, to being a feature product, which is engaging and interesting to the consumer.

Paykel can make this happen for you. We use our expertise, market knowledge and extensive range of media contacts to get you and your product front and centre in your consumers’ favourite media space - be that print, online or over the airwaves. We’ll help you formulate a native advertising plan, which will promote your product and resonate strongly with your audience.

Personalised Creative

Content makes the advertising world go round. We’re talking about the creative processes here. Taking the nuts and bolts of your message and transforming it into an entertaining, engaging and most importantly selling piece of advertising material. Don’t waste money booking expensive advertising space, just to be let down by your creative. Contact Paykel today and let us develop some personalised creative that will excite, engage and connect your brand with your customers.

Paykel can assist with a variety of creative projects, including brand development, advertisements (print, radio, television and online), billboards, brochures, signage, websites and much more. Our award winning creative team will work with you to develop personalised creative solutions which work. We don’t use templates.

Media Booking

Paykel have been making media bookings for clients for nearly two decades. Our experienced staff have the expertise and contacts to secure you the very best rates and campaign placements. We’ll ensure you get your message to the right market, at the right time, at the very best price.

As one of Australia’s largest, independently owned, media buying agencies, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns, Paykel deliver superior media booking services for clients around the country and south Pacific region. We offer our family of clients clear financial advantages. We believe in transparency. We work hard to improve your bottom line.

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