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Paykel Transact is the smartest and simplest way to book media. Paykel has been making media bookings for clients for nearly two decades. Our experienced staff has the expertise and contacts to secure you the very best rates and campaign placements. We’ll ensure you get your message to the right market, at the right time, at the very best price.

As one of Australia’s largest, independently owned, media buying agencies, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns, Paykel deliver superior media booking services for clients around the country and south Pacific region. We offer our family of clients clear financial advantages. We believe in transparency. We work hard to improve your bottom line. Contact us today and let Paykel take care of your media bookings.

Media buying services are a specialty of Paykel. We are one of Australia’s leading media buying agencies. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns. We have people with specific media buying expertise, experience and contacts, which have been honed over many years of operation. Our company has long standing relationships with media partners around the country, which we will leverage for your benefit.

Paykel are the professionals when it comes to media buying services. It’s where we began our business and it’s where we continue to dominate as a company which provides big buying power, delivered by people who care about their clients, not just the dollars. That’s why we work with you, to understand your product, your business and your customer, before tailoring a campaign to deliver the very best results for your budget.

How do we do this? We ensure that your advertisements are presented in the right media, at the right time, with the right message to excite and engage your target market. Paykel provides a complete media buying solution for every advertising campaign, including radio, outdoor, cinema, print, television and digital. If you want to work with the best available media buying services , contact Paykel today.

Radio Advertising

Video did not kill the radio star. Radio advertising connects with millions of consumers each and every day. People are turning it on at home, in the car, on the train and the plane, at work and now, via their smartphone. In fact, radio advertising is the perfect medium for pretty much all types and sizes of business. Its production costs are small and its potential market reach is large.

When considering radio advertising, it’s all about the placement. Paykel will help you harness the power of the airwaves for the benefit of your business. Our people have the experience and contacts to develop a radio advertising campaign which will maximize your exposure, while minimizing your spend. We do regional, national and even international campaigns.

Outdoor Advertising

Paykel are the outdoor advertising specialists, offering some of the most advanced media buying options in the country. You might think outdoor advertising is old school, but we’re here to tell you, it’s a whole lot more than meets the eye! It’s engaging and has harnessed cutting-edge advertising technology, including iBeacons and geo tagging, to take consumer targeting to a whole new level.

Sound good? How about integrating your social media feed into your outdoor advertisement? Or going 3D? Paykel has the knowledge, expertise and contacts to combine the very latest technology into your outdoor advertising package. Elevate your brand and connect with your audience. Excite, engage and innovate with Paykel’s outdoor advertising opportunities.

Cinema Advertising

Cinema advertising offers our customers a very unique opportunity. The chance to engage with an audience of people who are completely focused on the screen in front of them. The lights are dimmed, the phones are off, conversations are muted; all eyes are on the screen. Rarely does this happen anywhere else, anymore. Kaboom, your time to shine!

Paykel has more than 17 years media buying experience. We work with you to understand your product, business and message. We then tailor a cinema advertising package which will get you in front of the right audience, at the right time to deliver real results. From national brand awareness, to specific small business sales messages, Paykel will make cinema advertising work for you.

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Print Advertising

Print advertising encompasses a range of different styles and publications, from traditional newspapers to glossy magazines and boutique books and liftouts. The cost of print advertising varies greatly, depending on the type of publication, its distribution and the size of your proposed advertisement. It can be confusing to know where to start.

Paykel has been helping clients with their print advertising, media buying and placements, for over 17 years. We independently assess circulation and readership claims and can negotiate with media outlets to provide you with the very best rates. We can also negotiate to achieve value-adds to your advertising spend, including editorials and advertorials. Paykel are the print advertising professionals.

TV Advertising

Paykel is a full-service media agency. What does that mean? It means that not only can we negotiate television advertisement placements and rates; we can also develop the commercial creative for you as well. Why is this effective? It allows our team to develop a complete response for your television advertising needs, delivering a solution which has been specifically formulated to catch the attention and purchase trigger points of your target market.

Our team of advertising professionals will collaborate with you to understand your business, product, customers and objectives. We then utilise our expertise to develop a commercial which will connect and engage with your customers, and a campaign which will deliver the message on the right stations and at the right time, to gain maximum response and traction.

Digital Advertising

Build a strong online presence for your brand or product, by choosing Paykel for your digital advertising requirements. We can prepare the creative and secure a range of online placements, from simple banner advertising, to run-of-site sponsorships, cross-platform social media campaigns, search engine marketing and email direct marketing (EDM).

Paykel provides a one-stop-shop digital advertising service. We have the people, expertise and connections to craft superior advertising creative, and develop and implement a successful online campaign. You can count on our experience to deliver you results. We don’t believe in baffling you with jargon. We do believe in providing clear communication and advice, matched with professional services, delivered with integrity and honesty.

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