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Digital advertising services, delivered by the advertising professionals at Paykel, are designed to deliver real results, conversions, traffic and likes. Digital advertising is an exact science. Never before have we been able to so accurately track people’s movement and interest in the online world. Technology allows us to see what people are clicking on and deliver targeted online advertisements at the right time, in the right place to get real results. This is something you cannot ignore.

At Paykel we are all about humanising media. We’re for people and against robots. Our team of digital advertising specialists stay abreast of the latest internet advancements, so you don’t need to. We’ll tailor your campaign and digital advertisement to connect with people’s passion points, in an exciting and innovative way.

Our digital advertising services include, but are not limited to, influencer outreach, digital search, programmatic buying, social media and websites. At Paykel, we’re for clarity, yours, ours and the consumers. Our digital advertising services are explained to you in plain terms, developed in technical terms and delivered to provide superior performance and results.

Digital Search

Effective, successful digital search performance has never been more important for business. If your website and online presence is not optimized to rank for your preferred key search terms, which should be based around your products and/or services, then you are missing out on business. It’s a fact that consumers are searching for products and services online, rather than picking up a phone book. You want to get found. You want to be on page 1.

Achieving a great digital search result is not easy. It’s a complex process, which takes many different elements into consideration. Gone are the bad old days of keyword stuffing. Welcome to the world of an integrated online approach including, but not limited to, page load speeds, technical tags, quality content and paid for digital search advertising.

Influencer Outreach

Today the average consumer is increasingly making their purchase decisions by researching online. Influencer outreach goes beyond what is on your website. It looks at the myriad of other online opportunities to complement and enhance your existing digital presence. We’re talking blogs, consumer websites and social media. We’re talking about humanising your product and/or service in the digital environment, to create connections with your customers in a real and meaningful way.

Paykel’s influencer outreach teams in Sydney and Melbourne have the knowledge and contacts to connect you with appropriate celebrity ambassadors, social media opinion leaders and taste-makers, who can elevate the online profile of your business, through targeted online posts and activity.

Programmatic Buying

The digital revolution has automated and optimised many processes. Never before have advertisers been able to access such specific information about the trends, activities, likes, dislikes and viewing activity of their target market. The digital revolution enables advertisers to reach very specific and segmented target markets, with advertisements and messages created specifically to engage and excite.

Paykel has an expert digital marketing team, which specialise in programmatic buying. They also talk human, using plain language to explain technical terms, so you can understand our processes. At Paykel we’re against complexity and for simplification. Our reports are more than just numbers. We focus on the customers you are targeting and evaluating their response rate.

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Social Media

Social media has put marketers into a tailspin, as brands compete to capture attention. Paykel’s social media services, offer a fully integrated approach to your social media presence and activities. Not only do we look at what you are posting, we provide advice on when to post it, so it enhances the value and performance of your offline sales and marketing activities, and get others to post for you and about you.

Why do we do this? It elevates the performance of your social presence and marketing activities. It enables us to create a multi-media platform of targeted messages and advertising, which will capture the attention of your target market and deliver real business benefits. We’ll help you build deeper connections with your customers, both old and new. You’ll be surprised at what social media can do.


The main digital advertising tool you have available to you is your own website, or websites. These powerhouse ‘tools’ are available to your customers 24/7, promoting your business, product and/or service to a local, regional, national and even international audience. They are an important part of your sales and marketing activities and to get best results, it’s critical your site is built to achieve maximum SEO performance.

SEO is search engine optimisation. You want your website to be optimised for your preferred key search terms, so you rank highly with the search engines. This is easily achieved when you are working with Paykel’s professional digital team. We’ll ensure your website has superior SEO performance, which is complemented with appropriate social media presence and, where necessary, paid for digital advertising.