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Observations from the Fairfax Media AGM

07th November

By Lindsay Gulliver Observations from the Fairfax Media AGM, November 2nd, 2017 at the office of Domain, Pyrmont, NSW. The Fairfax Media AGM was a revelation for a number of reasons. The Board and Management have transformed a traditional publishing business into a dynamic, forward thinking and adaptive company. Shareholders voted overwhelmingly to spin off […]

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Television vs. Digital out-of-home: Where does screen power lie?

08th August

A hot topic in the ad world today, which saw the likes of two of media’s best, Harold Mitchell and Anne Parsons, go head to head at a Mumbrella360 conference, as they discuss which screen is most powerful in 2017.

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So… You’re thinking Commonwealth Games 2018 involvement?

27th July

April 2018 is just around the corner. The Gold Coast is underway with frantic preparations to host the largest sporting event Australia has seen in a decade. Sounds attractive right?

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Position on Network 10

15th June

As we are all aware, Network 10 was placed into Voluntary Administration (VA) on June 14.

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MCN Programmatic TV buying on Subscription Channels across Foxtel

06th June

MCN’s world-first private programmatic trading market platform, MCN Programmatic TV, built in conjunction with technology provider, AOL Platforms, uses MCN’s Multiview audience segments to provide the most sophisticated audience targets in the Australian market.

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What’s the best measure for social success?

01st June

Stephen Graham (2017) discusses on AdNews why engagement metrics are misleading to a brand’s social media success. The initial buzz of likes, post reactions, shares and comments can imply the content is resonating with your audience. But this buzz becomes an ‘echo chamber’ – where it could fade into vague inference of brand awareness and consideration. Suggesting we should steer away from purely optimizing towards engagement and rather looking at continually reaching as many of our fans and customers as possible.

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